A Summon Towards Greatness

The beauty of the Christian faith is that it calls you to something bigger than yourself. When Jesus asks you to follow him, to serve as the salt and light of the world. You already know that this will bring you immense joy and fulfillment. However, there is a difference between seeking the will of God and aiming for success. A purpose-driven life is not centred upon making you successful or making you great. It is about service and your contribution to the betterment of your world. So, if Jesus says unto you: FOLLOW ME. You are sure that it means you will be given a burden to bear. As you carry that burden, you find joy, fulfilment, and greatness beckons.

A self-centered person is not going to follow Jesus wholeheartedly, any time soon. As long as you remain obsessed with your own things, you will miss out on something greater and of eternal value. This is not about making a name for yourself. Jesus calls us all to a life that is marked by service and contribution to the larger society. When you go through history, you would understand that great people are people that served something bigger than themselves. They did not do it for personal success and glory. It is a call to serve something bigger than yourself.

When Jesus calls out to you, saying, “FOLLOW ME”. Understand that this is not a call to bland religion or daily church attendance. Great men have always been called. And you cannot call yourself to do whatever you like, or chasing some success and, claim that it is a calling. This is your calling, a call to watch over your world and steer it towards where God wants. This is your summon towards the high call. As you grow in service and contribution. You will begin to identify the most influential institutions that define your world. And can then work on steering it towards where God wants. It is a burden; a yoke. Along the way, you will make an impact and not only will you be deemed successful, you would attain greatness.

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