Jesus Said, “Follow Me”

You do not need to overthink your purpose and higher calling. Just follow Jesus. A lot of people beat themselves up over finding out exactly what God would have them do. You know deep down that you want nothing more than to serve your world with the grace of God and your talents. However, the specifics are not clear. Most of the time, life’s purpose seems unclear because one is overthinking it. You must first disabuse your mind of the idea that you will have some supernatural encounter where a being of light will dictate your purpose to you. Such an encounter is not promised in your holy, sacred scriptures. What happens in reality is that purpose takes shape and becomes clearer as you follow Jesus.

When Peter met Jesus, Jesus offered him a chance to become a “fisher of men”. Peter evolved from a fisherman to a disciple of Jesus, then he became one of the twelve apostles. In the passing of time, Jesus named him as his successor. Peter did not have any supernatural encounter where God or any angelic being dictated his purpose to him. He grew into his purpose over time. A study of the Holy Bible shows that this is the more consistent method by which people get into their purpose. Elisha went from farmer to becoming the prophet’s apprentice, and then became a prophet. You grow in clarity about your life’s mission over time.

Let go of the idea that you will discover purpose. Discovery sounds like some sudden, unexpected event. That is not your purpose. Deep down in your spirit, you already know what your purpose is. You are going to learn more about your purpose over time as you follow Jesus. Jesus simply called out to the people and asked them to follow him. None of them were asked to go and pray to be sure God was calling them or not. Some of them gave reasons to turn down the invitation. If you want to become your most purposeful self, you need to follow Jesus. You do that by fellowship with the Word and submission to divinely instituted authority over you.

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