Building Out Your Vision In The Real World

The vision arrives in a flash. In a moment, everything comes together and you receive clarity on what you would love to achieve with your life. However, the journey from where you are to where you want to be is not as easy or straightforward as you would have imagined. This is because you are channeling to the earth an idea that came from the eternal realm. A realm where there is no lack or scarcity. A place beyond time. The physics and social constructs of our world will push-and-pull against your vision. Your vision will be assaulted by other ideas and personalities seeking to distort it or destroy it.

You have to find the balance between the vision in your spirit and the vision you are able to build out in the real world. Sometimes, you will have to leap first and assess the risks later. Like you fire first, then aim (the opposite of aim before you fire). David was anointed as king over the entire nation of Israel (1 Samuel 16:1-13), but he had to work hard with skill and cunning to achieve that vision in the real world. His vision was assaulted by the House of Saul, and other enemies. The journey took him more than twenty years in the real world. A heavenly decree took twenty years for the world to respond.

You are underestimating how much work is required to succeed. You are yet to understand how much you need to change, before you can achieve what you have set out to do. A lot of times, we see a vision as something you discover on a Sunday morning and get it done by Friday morning. This is not true in any sense. Your vision will contend with forces of the world. You will have to find a way to bend the forces of the world to allow your vision to shine through without compromising your vision. It is not possible to build your vision without any regard for the systems of your world. Like David, you have to evolve from a lowly shepherd boy to a mighty, warrior-king.

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