The Next Level

What would the next level of your life or mission look like? If your next level comes knocking, would you recognise it? You would think that you are ready to embrace your next level, but most of the time, it does not manifest in the way you are thinking. The destination is clear in your heart, but you might have skipped one or two steps of the journey. You have to trust the process and embrace your life’s journey as it unfolds. Within your heart, you know you are headed in the right direction, even though it makes no sense and you cannot fully explain it.

When a young David was anointed king by the revered Prophet-Priest-Judge Samuel (1 Samuel 16:1-13), we wonder if he knew it would take over two decades before the throne would become a reality. David was a shepherd boy when the anointing of a king came on him. He could not become the king overnight, he had to grow into the statue of a king. A shepherd boy would not have lasted more than 24 hours on the throne. He had to become a warrior-king. So, in reality, his “next level” was not the throne, it was actually to become a military commander (1 Samuel 22:1-2). David became a captain first, and then grew his army over time. In the next phase of life, he began to rule over a small territory before eventually becoming king of the entire nation. The next level in your head, might be ten steps away.

Are you a peasant-shepherd boy drooling over the throne? When you ought to be learning the ways of a prince? Are you daydreaming about ruling the entire country? When in reality, you should be focused on dominating a small territory first. You need to break down your grand vision and consider your evolution as you grow into it. Your work as a watchman will not all be fun and games. The vision is powerful and gets you fired up all the time as you dream about how cool it would be. However, you should also understand that the vision will come with a lot of things that are unpleasant. The next level in your head, might be ten steps away.

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