Religion Will Not Enhance Your Creativity, This Will

Creativity is about developing your original ideas that are useful to your world. You create something that has some utility to your family, school, community, city or nation. Creativity is productive and requires you to go beyond religiosity and onto true spirituality. Religious people produce nothing and are at best, described as rent-seekers. Rent-seeking is an economic concept that refers to people (or entities) that want to partake and increase their own wealth without any value creation, or increase in productivity. Religious people want to get things without creating any benefits or wealth to the society. This mindset is counterproductive and inhibits creativity.

Christianity is not about asking God to miraculously give you everything you want. Christianity is not a call to bland religion or generic spirituality. Religious values like “follow peace with all men” or “love others as much as you love yourself” are nice, but not the core of Christianity. Christianity is a call for you to advance the mission of Jesus. A mission to love the world so much that you are ready to sacrifice your personal ambition, goals and aspirations just to serve the world (John 3:16-17, John 15:13). Jesus declared that he came to serve and not to be served (Mark 10:45). We see that this thing is not about getting stuff, it is about service – your service to the world.

Creativity is driven by spirituality, a kind of spiritual practice that makes you take responsibility and partner with the Divine to make things happen in your world. You have to shift perspectives from “God will do it for me”, to “God will do it through me”. Your prayer changes from “God do it for me miraculously”, and it then becomes “God empowers me to solve problems”. This mindset shift is required as it drives you into greater productivity (fruitfulness!). As you seek to solve problems and serve your world, wisdom and knowledge is made available to create solutions, frameworks and technologies to obtain results.

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