The Secret To Growing Into Your Most Powerful Self

You can execute your vision at the “lizard” level or execute your vision at the “alligator” level. In case you do not understand the reference, let me try again. You can decide to be powerful enough to lead a dozen people or become powerful enough to lead fifteen thousand people. Still not getting it? Here: will you become powerful enough to impact your world positively at a scale that matters? Will your work bring you the joy and fulfillment you crave for? Then understand that to become your very best, you need someone to drive you, use you and discipline you at that level.

I found it interesting when Robert Greene asserted in his book Mastery that one of the steps to mastery is apprenticeship. He insisted that nobody becomes a true master of their craft unless they apprentice under another master. There might be exceptions to the rule, but more often than not, our potentials are maximized through apprenticeship and service. Joshua had Moses. Leonardo da Vinci had Verrocchio. Infact, the university doctorate (PhD) system is still more or less an apprenticeship. Your PhD supervisor is expected to provide guidance and practical support all the way.

You would be making a great mistake when you shy away from apprenticeship under the pretext of being used. You are been shortsighted when you fixate upon the fact that your master is using you to achieve their goals. While it is true that they are using you to get things done, you should also realise that you are getting better. The goal of apprenticeship is the transformation of your mind and character. It is difficult to refine your character without the tough love feedback from a master that cares. It is nearly impossible to redefine what is possible to your mind without tapping into the consciousness of someone else that is operating at a higher frequency than you.

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