Driving An Agenda

When we become serious with our assignment to watch the world, we would realise how important companies are. Our world revolves around companies; for-profit businesses. Companies are the backbone of society. If you really think about it, you see that your life revolves around companies. Your daily needs are met by companies that offer you products and services in exchange for your time, money or other resources. Businesses hold significant power in our world today. For-profit companies are able to leverage their marketplace power and influence to drive any agenda they like. And so many times, their agenda is at odds with the watchman.

The idea that large corporations are simply focused on making money is not true. The biggest companies in the world today sponsor and reinforce ideas they want. When your favourite social media platform moves away from the traditional gender options of male and female. Offering you over fifty gender options, you can see the agenda. Al Jazeera, the pan-Arab channel has been criticised by some organisations as well as nations such as Saudi Arabia for being “Qatari propaganda”. They actively push the Arab agenda to their millions of viewers. It is the same way “western” media houses such as CNN also push their agenda.

The world revolves around for-profit companies. If you desire to change the world, do not start a nonprofit organization. Start a for-profit company. Do business, build out an influential business. Bonus points if you can build it within ICT, media, education, commerce/finance or energy. Some of the greatest impact you can have in your world is to make people exchange their time, money and resources for your products and services every day. This places you in pole position to drive kingdom agenda within your areas of influence. We must control the companies that serve our world.

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