Circles of Economic Influence

We cannot watch over the world in any meaningful way while ignoring economic realities. If you want to steer the world towards a better future, you need to realize that a better future begins with a brighter economic outlook. Anything less than that is superficial. Some christians insist they are only interested in spiritual transformation, but then we can see the trajectory of true personal transformation. A truly transformed life will become more productive, transformed lives will produce a transformed society. Increased productivity has a positive effect on the economy of such a society. It is always about the economy.

Several news outlets reported that references to a gay relationship in “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore” were edited out of the movie by Warner Bros. for the film’s release in China. Over the years, the Chinese Market has made it clear that they would not allow references to homosexuality on screen. Several movies have been edited with such directives in mind. China’s economic might is the reason they are able to do this. Other countries have had similar calls for censorship ignored, with the movie studio opting to not release the movie in such countries altogether. Such double standards are due to the economic might of the countries in question.

Economic power is the prime moving force in today’s world. Economic power makes it easier to enforce your values and principles. You can secure political power with economic power. Traditionally, we have known that whoever controls the gold makes the rules. The watchman cannot ignore the economy and be content to focus solely on spirituality and character moulding. The end goal of everything spiritual and intellectual is for greater fruitfulness and productivity. Economic matters are matters of fruitfulness and productivity. Spirituality and sound character should mould us into the stature of someone whose activities have an effect on the economy.

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