Real Changes Require Economic Power

Real changes are driven by the people that possess economic powers or can influence economic activities. You have not really done anything until the economic conditions of your world improves. We must understand that our mission to steer the world towards a better future has an economic component. You cannot drive any real change for as long as you ignore economic realities. This is because after all is said and done, the economic wellbeing of people is top of the mind for them. People need an environment that empowers them to grow, prosper and create economic opportunities under visionary leadership and strong governance.

Whatever spiritual or intellectual powers you possess that do not translate into economic influence are not relevant. You must resist any effort to sideline you away from the economic arena. You can not function as a salt and light of your world if you are irrelevant to the economy of your world. Spiritual and intellectual prowess are not an end in themselves. They are a means to an end by increasing your efficiency and effectiveness.

You need to position yourself to wield economic power if you wish to make real changes to the world around you. You must be able to influence the economy of your world. The first step is to understand production and commerce. There must be a desire to develop productivity, stimulate productivity in others and then use it as a leverage. There are a lot of agendas been championed in the world today that might vex your soul but you there is little you can do without economic power. Do not stop at spiritual proficiency. You need to consciously build up economic power.

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