A Vision Demands Much Business

One of the major reasons a vision fails is due to lack of enough business being generated around the vision. It is not enough to develop a vision statement. There must be serious business being built around it. You need to understand that without shrewd business acumen, you will not be able to transform the complex world into the image of your vision (See Matthew 10:16). A vision should be a tool that gets translated into strategies and behaviors that drive our everyday business. You will not accomplish much with your vision if you do not approach it as a business.

For a dream comes with much business, and a fool’s voice with many words.

(Ecclesiastes 5:3 ESV)

A vision requires a business-minded approach. Whatever your objectives might be, you must approach it as a business. Whether your goal is to educate young girls on the evils of sugar daddies or to preach the gospel of Christ, a business-minded person will get more done. Whether operating in a Christian ministry, nonprofits or governance, a business-minded person will always perform better. A genuine vision comes with much business. When we approach vision without the work ethic demands of free enterprise, failure is inevitable.

That is why I am making a case for you to be business minded. Approach this with the mind-set of building a business that solves the social and economic problems that keep you up at night. When people approach their vision without this all-important enterprising spirit, everything is just smiles and games. Nothing ever gets done. They become professional fundraisers and rent seekers. You need to avoid that trap by looking for an angle to your vision that could yield consistent revenues within a “free enterprise” system. Are you building a business? You should.

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