How Longterm Goals Can Maximize Your Life

The secret to making the most of your lifetime is to understand long term goal planning. You overestimate what you can achieve within a year and underestimate what you can achieve within a decade. We do this because of how things work, as opposed to how we want them to work. Working with a short time frame of a year traps you within the “penny-wise and pound-foolish” conundrum. Every great and mighty accomplishment will require you to sacrifice short-term gains for results that compounds over time. That is why it does not matter wherever you start from, you can succeed. You just need to “carry” that vision within your spirit and commit to it for the long term.

Once you can understand this principle, you would begin to identify it everywhere. Jesus grew into his ministry over a span of eighteen years. We get that figure when we compare what the Bible said about him at age twelve with the fact that he began his public ministry around age thirty. He grew into it over time. Elon Musk got on my radar around 2012. I immediately realized that over time he would become a big deal. Ten years later, he is the richest man in the world (April 2022). Elon Musk did this by identifying the biggest problems of mankind and then committing to solving them over the long term.

It is probably unreasonable to think that you would build a billion-dollar company within six months. It would be impossible. However, if you are willing to work towards it for ten years, you increase your chances of success. The daily activities of someone trying to make ten million Naira in 2022 would look totally different from someone with an ambition to build a net worth of two billion dollars by 2032. My research actually suggests that ten years is enough for most people to overturn poverty into good success. And that nothing is impossible if you can work with a twenty-five-year timeline. It does not matter how poor, unconnected or uneducated you are right now. You can succeed if you understand this principle.

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