Vision Clarity And Growing In Phases

When you think about your life and what is possible, there is the chance of undervaluing your abilities. It is not like you do not have anything working for you at the moment. The trouble is that you are not yet clear on what is possible when you allow your growth to compound over time. In the process of time, anything is possible. You are too fixated on the present and as such, you are not headed in any direction that would truly satisfy your soul. This needs to change. You are overestimating what you can achieve within a year, while cheating yourself in the long run. 

The greatest people in all history grew into the giants we consider them to be, over time. In the process of time, a university-wide social networking website grew into a worldwide phenomenon that has changed human history forever (Facebook). The founder (Mark Zuckerberg) and the company have gone through a lot of growth phases. In fact, the company is right now evolving again into what Mark has described as a “metaverse” company. You might not like Mark Zuckerberg, but even his enemies have to respect his growth and the way he has carried his vision within his spirit for nearly two decades now.  

We all have something we can learn from Mark Zuckerberg. If you can “carry” your vision in your spirit and commit to growing in phases. You will discover that in the process of time, you are building the wealth – knowledge, skills, assets, relationships, and the money you need to make a difference at the level you desire. There is only so much you can do week after week. The real thing is when you take a long-term view. You have to consciously live with the mind-set that in the process of time, you will be transformed inside-out. You are not much right now, but you can get better in the process of time.

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