Receiving Kingdom Authority

We need to get more people interested in positioning themselves to serve the will of God upon the earth and receive kingdom authority to function. The primary message of Jesus was “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”, which is not the same thing as saying “stop sinning, it is time to die and go to heaven”. We know this because of the many parables of Jesus that focused on the kingdom. They were not primarily about dying and waking up in heaven. Let us consider the Parable of the Talents (Luke 19: 11 – 27). The nobleman engaged his subjects in business and then gave them authority over cities upon success. 

The Parable of the Talents is not about dying and going to heaven, but about how we use our work to fulfil our earthly callings. How faithfulness in little will qualify us to be entrusted with even more responsibilities. The person who had done well in business was rewarded and given authority over cities. This means that their influence expands from trade and commerce and into governance as well. We cannot interpret this authority granted in Luke 19:17 as just spiritual, but must see it as some kind of governmental authority over those cities. God holds the power and authority over cities and can give it to whosoever He wants. 

Authority over cities and nations are available in God, but it is only granted to those ready to serve at that level. You can receive the authority over a city or a nation, either within a part of their economy or governance. We need to remind ourselves often that the only area of reality upon which human beings can exercise any authority is upon the earth. We cannot take up responsibility and watch the heavens, for example. God has the power over the nations, and he has some plans for the nations as well, what is missing are the stewards that are ready to receive the kingdom authority to function effectively on earth.

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