No Longer A Problem

At what exact point does a problem cease to be a problem? The point at which our understanding of it is more than our ignorance about it. This is a very important principle to keep to heart. Our problem-solving approach must be defined along these lines. There are several ways people currently approach problems, but the right approach is whichever ones demystifies the problem and increases our understanding of it. Emotions do not solve problems. Throwing money at a problem does not necessarily mean the problem would be solved. The passing of time does not automatically solve problems. Problems cease to exist when knowledge increases. 

Today’s society seems to have emphasized buying solutions as opposed to developing solutions. We tend to forget that money does not inherently solve problems. Money is a token that is exchangeable for the time of someone that can solve the problem, or to acquire the solution in a productized form. This strategy works for most people, but must never find an ally in the watchman. A watchman must never be deceived into thinking that over time or by spending money, the problems will go away. The correct application of knowledge is what will deliver you permanently from any problem or unsavoury circumstances you may find yourself in. 

Today is a good day to list out every problem or unsavoury circumstances you may be facing. A problem is the difference between what you want and what you currently have. What you are going to discover as you begin the task is that for a lot of situations in your life, you don’t like it, but you would struggle to clearly define what you actually want. On the other hand, you would discover that certain things are not the problems you thought they were. These all highlights your level of ignorance about the root causes of what you have considered to be problems all along. Stop tackling problems out of ignorance, aim for an understanding first. When you understand it thoroughly, it ceases to be a problem.

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