The True Purpose Of Leadership

The true purpose of leadership is to channel the energy of everyone towards a single purpose. The big idea here is that together, each person will achieve more as a part of the team than if they were working alone. It is impossible to achieve massive success single-handedly, you will have to work with others. You need a lot of knowledge, insights, perspectives and power to succeed at something massive. A person cannot single-handedly achieve this and must work with others. Leadership is what enables us to come together in order to collaborate at a scale that matters. There is no other way to achieve great things.

When people come together without effective leaders to help oversee the efforts, it usually fails. Renowned leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, said it best: “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. You could pay people or bribe people to come together towards a defined outcome, but you would never get anyone to perform at their best when money is their primary motivation. You can coarse or threaten people into working together, but the beauty of leadership is to define the vision, and get people cooperating in harmony. A leader must be able to channel the spiritual energies of the people and focus it on a common goal.

The true purpose of leadership is to help people transcend their personal limitations and breakthrough into an environment where anything is possible. It is the job of the leadership to provide the foundation required to maximize the productivity of everyone involved in the project. An understanding of service is required to achieve this. Leaders that do not understand service and do not see themselves as stewards cannot inspire the same in others. And when nobody is working as a true steward to the vision, the work fails to break new frontiers. Whenever we work together in harmony and unity, that is when the impossible becomes very possible. It is up to you, the leader, to make it happen.

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