Becoming A Leader And A Servant

The Watchman must seek a thorough understanding of leadership and servitude. If the goal is truly to serve as salt and light of the world, these are the twain pillars upon which it all rests. Leadership without embracing servitude is arrogant, selfish and ultimately brings destruction. Servitude without sparing some thought for leadership is naive and too complacent to keep a watch over anything. You have to take the lead while understanding you are nothing more than a servant. It is like taking up service to something higher than yourself and leading others to come along with you. 

The Watchman teams up with God for the collective good of the community. There is servitude towards God, the community and the grand vision we are heading towards. This sense of serving something higher than yourself is the key idea towards understanding becoming a leader and a servant. You draw strength, inspiration and grace from above and then channel it towards the problems and circumstances you have been called to change. In the absence of this calling towards serving a greater good, leadership is egocentric and fuels an ambition instead. Ambition might not be inherently evil, but when everyone pursues their ambition, the collective interest cannot be advanced. 

Effective leadership paints a compelling picture of a future the collective would love to be a part of, and then leads them there. An all-inclusive future where no member of the community is left behind is what generates power with the people. So, you serve God by embracing his master plan for the community and then marshal the people and resources necessary for the successful execution of the plan. A leader should not be motivated by money or power. Even if you are running a for-profit business, the desire to serve must be the primary driver. You serve, and you lead; you serve by leading. You serve by taking the lead.

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