A vision requires more than one or two people

When you become serious about your heavenly assignment to watch over the world and steer the rest of us towards a better future, you would see clearly that it goes beyond what a single person can do. It does not matter how talented or gifted an individual can be, a true vision will require many people working together with one heart and one mind. You can single-handedly push your ambitious projects across the finish line, but if it is a true vision, you will need people. Jesus famously had more than a hundred disciples, twelve apostles and an inner caucus of three (1).

Do you want to change the world or merely desire to “do what you can”? If all you desire is to do what you can, then you are not bound to this principle. However, if you desire to truly impact and positively transform your world, there is no other way. A husband and wife team is adorable and commendable, but you would need more than that for a global footprint.  If you want to impact the world, you require at the very least four to eight true believers in the idea.

You cannot save, deliver or change the world alone. The principal mistake of Samson was that he thought he was gifted enough to single-handedly execute a vision. He was wrong. Throughout history, there has NEVER being someone that single-handedly changed the world at a meaningful scale. When you go beyond the surface and really investigate great men who seemed to single-handedly accomplish much, you find their team. Jesus had his apostles and disciples. Moses had Aaron, Miriam, Hur and Joshua, then seventy more elders to support, not counting the leaders he instated at various levels as well (2). Gideon famously assembled an army of three hundred. You cannot change the world alone.

If you are serious about changing the world, you should team up with a true visionary or try to get others to team up with you to execute the heavenly vision in your heart.


  1. There were 120 disciples gathered at the upper room (Acts 1:15). Jesus named 12 apostles (Luke 6:13) and it is well-known that he had a smaller leadership team of three within the twelve (Peter, James and John).
  2. Seventy elders were appointed to aid Moses at Numbers 11:16-25, and you can see Moses raises numerous leaders to serve in various levels at Exodus 18:14 – 26.
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