Identify your mountain

There is a mountain out there with your name all over it. Now, you have just got to find it. You could choose to do anything you like with your life, it is your life and your time after all, but then, you know deep down that you would never get a sense of fulfilment if you spent your entire life chasing down stones and molehills. A watcher is identified by a sense of commitment to something greater than themselves. It is like they empty themselves of anything that gives them a personal identity in favour of embodying an idea whose time has come.

It is time to take a look around you and begin to critically think about how you can make a difference in the society. There are so many things that are out-of-place, and you could take a look at how you could set it right and fair. One has to engage carefully, as it is well known that re-painting the toilet will never solve the plumbing problem. There is always a need to think carefully about any problem out there that one intends to solve. Question everything and test all assumptions about the problem.

The sooner you accept that your future requires you to move a mountain, the better. You will then be able to devote the time required to identify the right mountain to move. It is not about moving just any mountain, you have to move the mountain. Once you identify the mountain, you can then proceed to build up your knowledge base and get ready to move the mountain.

Proceed thoughtfully.

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