Fighting battles and moving mountains

It is fashionable to consider oneself a Watchman or shall we say a Superhero. However, we have to understand that choosing to watch over your world means you are ready to go beyond the mundane affairs of life and embrace a life of fighting battles, putting out fires and moving mountains. This is not in reference to your own personal battles only, but to take on things that ordinarily would be none of your personal business. A real person on watch is dedicated to the common good and ready to do what is required.

“A strong man stands up for himself, a stronger man stands up for others”

Ben the cow, Barnyard (2006)

That is the core of what it means to watch your world. It is a commitment to take on the responsibility to consciously steer the world towards a better future. The world does not advance on its own, it requires brave people who are committed to set things right and fair. This is an extremely difficult undertaking, and that is why we have very few watchers in today’s world. Life is hard enough when one is only focussed on personal growth and advancement, why would I take on even more work? It is hard to be a superhero, yet something tugs your heart and nudges you towards that direction.

There is no sidestepping this. The future of our dreams requires us to fight. You will have to fight for it, there are fires to put out and mountains that must be moved out of the way for the greater good. The good life you enjoy today was enabled by the labour of the watchers of time past, now, it is our turn to lay the foundations of a better future.

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