Your Mission Is Possible

If your soul is burdened by a vision that is bigger than you, it may seem like you’re on a mission impossible. It looks like this is not just a difficult mission, but it is more or less, impossible. The weight of such a vision may make you doubt if it’s even possible. Yet, it’s essential to remember that with God, all things are possible. Even when faced with challenges that seem insurmountable, trust in His guidance and strength. With faith and perseverance, what appears impossible can become possible, turning your vision into reality.

In Mark 6:30-44, we find the remarkable story of Jesus feeding the 5000. Faced with a seemingly impossible task, Jesus demonstrated a clear approach that we can learn from today. Step 1: Take stock of what you have. Jesus asked His disciples to gather the available loaves and fish. Step 2: Give thanks to God for the mission and the resources at hand. Jesus blessed the food before distributing it. Step 3: Get started right away. Without hesitation, Jesus began distributing the food, miraculously feeding everyone. Just as Jesus turned an impossible situation into a miracle, you too can overcome challenges with your mission.

Your mission is possible. You must be confident that you can complete the task, no matter how difficult it appears to be. God never sends his people on a fool’s errand. You’ll be surprised how far you can get by acknowledging available resources, giving thanks, and taking immediate action. Never despise or underestimate what you have. Do not fall into the trap of thinking “but what are these among so many?” When you’re grateful for what you already have, you’ll find ways to maximize it. Decide today that with God, your mission is possible.

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