Your Business Is Your Mission

Viewing businesses solely as vehicles for personal enrichment overlooks their deeper purpose. Beyond mere profit, businesses serve as avenues for fulfilling one’s mission from God. Whether as owners or employees, understanding this truth brings clarity and meaning to our work. Many struggle to find purpose because they seek it elsewhere, unaware that their careers are intrinsically tied to their divine calling. Recognizing our businesses as God-given missions empowers us to infuse our work with purpose and significance. Thus, let us approach our roles in business with a renewed perspective, embracing them as opportunities to fulfill our higher calling and positively impact the world.

Consider Forever 21, a fashion retailer that demonstrated the fusion of business and purpose. With a mission to provide affordable and trendy clothing, Forever 21 recognised its role as a vehicle for positive community impact. The founders’ Christian faith influenced the way they ran the company. The bright yellow shopping bags from Forever 21 bear the stamp “John 3:16,” which is a Bible verse reference. Aside from that, they ran the company with a sense of stewardship towards God. Every business, regardless of size or industry, wields influence within its community. Whether fostering growth and prosperity or perpetuating negative trends, the impact is profound.

As a watchman guiding your world towards heaven, viewing your businesses as a mission imbues them with a higher purpose. Your stewardship is your business. God has given you all of these people to serve within a business. Realising that your business’s influence has made the world a better place. Whatever your business is. By aligning our actions with biblical principles of love and service, we may stimulate positive change, enriching lives and fostering prosperous societies. Through our businesses, we become agents of change and hope. Isn’t that something you’ve always wanted?

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