Continuing Your Journey Of Faith

As you progress through your work, you will reach a point where the going gets tough. It can get so bad that you start questioning your own sanity. You must commit to your mission and resolve to find solutions to any challenges that arise, rather than considering quitting. In some ways, removing the option of quitting completely opens up the possibility of progress. You will never get to the promised land if you continue to daydream about the alternative forgone. While there might be legitimate grounds to quit, such a decision should be carefully considered. Commit to your journey of faith, mission, and economic stewardship.

In Matthew 26:41, it says, “Watch and pray, that you enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” You genuinely want to do the right thing, but you are too weak to stay on track. There are numerous side quests, distractions, and traps to throw you off track. You must remember that these are difficult tasks, and as a human being, you are more likely to avoid them. An undisciplined mind will simply start to generate ideas that prioritize everything else over the work.

In some cases, you begin to do things that make you appear busy. However, your actual productivity is low, and you are making no tangible progress towards your goal. So pay attention and make sure you’re not avoiding the difficult aspects of your journey. It starts with a commitment. You must reject the idea of backtracking or quitting at the first sign of trouble. Then you must establish clear goals. The destination must be as clear as possible so that if productivity drops, you will notice. Even if it appears that you are still busy. You will be successful if you persevere.

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