On Moving Too Slowly Towards Your Dreams

Do not be quick to complain about the level of results you are achieving in your life and business. Don’t be quick to complain about your perceived lack of progress or slow progress. First and foremost, accept that the vision in your head represents a future season (Habakkuk 2:3). Then you should understand that it is incorrect to count slackness in the same way that men do (2 Peter 3:9). You may feel like you’re moving too slowly. But, from God’s perspective, you are at the centre of His plan for your life, and you are on track.

You must accept in your heart that God loves you far more than you love yourself. This helps you understand that heaven always wants the best for you. And that every setback or failure is helping you develop the skills, mindset, and character required for your glorious purpose. Good parents frequently withhold things from their children when they believe they are not ready for it. They want the child to mature more before granting them the change in status and privileges. If a parent (or god!) granted all of their children’s wishes and whims, the result would be chaos.

Therefore, humble yourself under God’s mighty hand. Trust the path and process He has outlined for you. When your dreams come true and you become a formidable force driving your world’s economic and financial development, the dots will connect. Everything will start to make sense. Nevertheless, if you want to know whether you’re too slow or not, seek godly counsel. You should be sensitive enough to know where to go when you need honest feedback about your journey. Whatever happens, don’t ever feel slow because someone you consider a peer appears to be moving faster than you. Stay on course and run your race.

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