Beware Of Dogs And Their Enablers

In Philippians 3:2, Paul’s warning to “beware of dogs” underscores the seriousness of false teachings infiltrating the faith community. These teachings, often stemming from subjective spiritual experiences, can lead to a distorted understanding of biblical truths. When individuals rely solely on personal encounters or interpretations without grounding them in the broader context of Scripture, they risk propagating incomplete doctrines. Such teachings, while well-intentioned, may inadequately equip believers for the challenges of navigating the complexities of the real world. Therefore, it’s essential to discern and resist messages that deviate from the foundational truths found in the Bible.

If someone wakes up today with a revelation about becoming a medical doctor, they must still go through the educational system to obtain the necessary training. A rigorous medical training grounded in established scientific principles. Engineers cannot invent their own laws of physics, and similarly, preachers cannot fabricate their own theology divorced from biblical teachings. Yet, we’ve somehow given certain preachers the creative license to formulate their own theology. Preachers that prioritize their own subjective spiritual experiences over objective scriptural truths, leading to a theology that lacks solid grounding. This departure from the Holy Bible poses a grave danger.

Thus, it is critical to maintain the primacy of biblical authority in shaping theological understanding. Anything other than this can lead to distorted doctrines that are unfit to guide believers through life’s challenges. Individuals aspiring to spiritual leadership must adhere to the foundational truths. You cannot simply create your own biology or engineering principles, so why are you now developing your own theology? A theology or doctrine that does not undergo peer review. 2 Peter 1:20-21 warns against private interpretation of Scripture. We always need two or more witnesses to establish something as true. Be careful not to be an enabler of the dogs that are destroying your world.

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