Grow To Keep Up Against Financial Currents

Understanding growth is vital for navigating life’s challenges. Growth is essential for financial stability, especially amidst inflation. Imagine if inflation in your country is at 30%; you must increase your income by at least that much to keep up. Typically, inflation stays in single digits, so aiming for a 20% growth in wealth each year suffices. The point is that failing to commit to growth means risking being overtaken by poverty. You need to understand this aspect of economic and financial planning. Embrace growth as a necessity for staying afloat amidst life’s financial currents.

According to Proverbs 20:13, sleeping too much will lead to poverty. If you stay awake, you will discover opportunities to become and remain wealthy. You can interpret the verse literally, but on a deeper level, you want to ensure that you are not physically diligent while mentally asleep. While it is ideal to grow income faster than inflation, many people believe that achieving consistent annual growth is unrealistic. To be fair, some market forces and other schemes are beyond the control of individuals. But never underestimate what you can accomplish if you keep your brain “online” and prayerfully seek opportunities.

It is not out of place to ask yourself, “am I growing faster than the poverty on the streets?” This introspective question underscores the urgency of prioritizing growth in our lives. While external factors like inflation and market conditions may pose challenges, your proactive pursuit of growth remains within your control. Proverbs 3:13-14 reminds us that true riches come from wisdom and understanding. Therefore, as we navigate the complexities of financial planning, let us prioritize growth not only in our income but also in our knowledge, skills, and character, securing a foundation for lasting prosperity.

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