A Call To Look Within And Take Action

The world around you reflects the people who inhabit it. If you are struggling with a society that is full of greed, lust, and corruption, it means that your world is full of corrupt people. It is simple to proclaim oneself a saint while declaring others sinners. However, correct Christian teaching demonstrates that one must look within. 2 Corinthians 13:5 suggests that you test and evaluate yourself to see if you are in the faith and embracing your life as a committed believer. It is simple and convenient to declare that elected officials in government are evil and corrupt. However, thinking you are a saint might not be correct.

It is time to look inwards. You must also consider the corruption in your own life, or the corruption you enable. According to the Apostle James, a good religion should prepare you to be undefiled by the world (James 1:27). Your Christian values are not determined by your circumstances. God’s unchanging word defines the standards. Your goal is not to be the least corrupt person in the office; rather, you want to follow biblical principles and demonstrate an understanding of stewardship. Do we contribute to a society that’s rotting from within? What actions can we take to prevent the decay of our communities?

In theory, you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. You are supposed to destroy the works of the devil in your community, not join them! Bring light to the world, not leave it in darkness! It’s not just about pointing fingers; it’s about understanding your role as the salt and light of your world. You have to take on some responsibility for the way things are going around you. Each of us plays a part in the collective well-being of our society. It’s time to build rather than dismantle, to contribute positively, and to stand against the corrosion that threatens the very fabric of our nations.

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