Patience And Preparation On The Mission Path

Striking a balance between what is easy and what is right is crucial, especially when time is a factor. However, never forget that your mission extends beyond time, space, and resource constraints. Unless you break free from these mental constraints, you may not be able to effectively carry out your mission. You could fail. Prioritize what is right over what is easy, recognizing that your mission is guided by a higher purpose that requires your unwavering commitment, regardless of time or resource constraints. Embrace the challenge, knowing that your dedication to the will of God and righteousness will eventually lead to success.

When your mission becomes clear in your mind, you may feel compelled to take instant action. When you act hastily, you are more likely to make mistakes. You have to stop telling yourself that you need to finish your mission in a few weeks. There is no reason to rush, and there are no shortcuts in real life. Just because you saw some grand visions of heaven doesn’t mean you can ignore the need to learn, grow, and develop the necessary skills. Even Jesus, though understanding His purpose from a young age, waited until the age of 30 to begin His mission, demonstrating the value of patience and preparation.

In conclusion, recognize that your mission requires proper preparation, which may include enrolling in a four-year course or apprenticing with someone for an additional ten years. Don’t rush the process; give yourself the time needed to develop the skills and knowledge required to fulfill your purpose. Just as Jesus patiently waited for the right time to begin His mission, trust in the journey of growth and preparation. So, embrace the journey, invest in your growth, and trust in God’s timing. Your mission will unfold smoothly when you allow yourself the time to do things properly.

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