A Divine Calling To Craft Beauty

Operating with creativity and your spiritual gifts transforms you into a source of light, radiating truth, goodness, and beauty—just like your heavenly Father. Emulating Him, we strive to bring beauty into the world. While some claim beauty is subjective, it’s not superficial; it’s not merely in the eye of the beholder. Your mission is to craft something of objective value, guided by the Spirit within. It’s about creating things that resonate with the universal sense of beauty and goodness, bringing a piece of Heaven to Earth through your creativity and spiritual gift.

Your task is to create something beautiful, but how do we define beauty? According to Thomas Aquinas, beauty comprises three elements: wholeness, harmony of individual parts, and radiance. Wholeness involves completeness, where all components come together seamlessly. Harmony speaks to the balance and unity among these parts, creating a pleasing composition. Radiance, the third element, speaks to the meaning of the work. It adds a divine quality—beauty that shines forth. As you exercise your creativity and spiritual gifts, strive for this triad of beauty. Craft creations that possess a sense of completeness, harmony, and radiance, reflecting the divine beauty within and around you.

Consider the beauty encapsulated in a newborn baby. In their tiny form, we witness the perfection of wholeness, every part contributing to the completeness of their being. The harmony of their features, from delicate fingers to button-like noses, creates an exquisite composition. Moreover, the radiant glow of innocence and potential emanates from them, a testament to the divine beauty inherent in every new life. Such beauty invites us to emulate it in our creative expressions. Just as a newborn embodies wholeness, harmony, and radiance, let your creations mirror this divine beauty, inspiring awe and reflecting the Creator’s artistry.

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