The Senselessness And Destructive Paradox Of Nigerian Corruption

Public sector looting, especially in places like Nigeria, baffles with its senselessness. It’s not just corruption for financial gain; it’s corruption that cripples nations from within. Unlike corruption in the West, where the motive might be to make a buck, the looting here is like a man stealing blocks from his own house every night. The result? A nation left without essential infrastructure—no stable power, inadequate healthcare, crumbling roads. The impact is staggering, and the paradox is bewildering. It’s not just financial loss; it’s the erosion of the very foundation of a nation, leaving its people stranded in the ruins.

Corruption in the West, while present, often involves individuals skimming off profits from shady deals, yet the projects get completed. Here, corruption seems almost nihilistic, robbing the country not just of money but of its very structure. The paradox lies in the lack of logic. Why loot funds meant for development and then suffer the consequences of living without basic amenities? It’s not just a financial loss; it’s a systemic collapse that leaves a nation in shambles. As we watch these events unfold, it’s a call to reflection. You need to look within and consider how you’re a part of the problem.

You may consider yourself to be upright in heart, but you are already inclined towards that very mentality. To fully understand this illogical behaviour, consider Philippians 3:19 ‭(ESV)‬‬, “Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.” The corrupt mentality reflects a fixation on immediate gains, even if it means undermining the very foundation of society. To avoid such a fate, you must hold values higher than material gains, resisting the temptation to serve the insatiable god of your own desires. In Nigeria, we don’t serve God and the people. We serve our selfish ambitions.

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