The Hard Truth About Your Mission

If you want to manifest your mission, you have no choice but to do difficult things. No matter how simple your mission appears, when the rubber hits the road, you will realize it is not as simple as you thought. It is never as simple as you thought. At the point when the action really begins, when you begin the job, in that moment when theory becomes reality, you discover certain things you were not expecting. In that moment of truth, your first instinct might be to waterdown the assignment. Customizing into something that suits you. In other cases, one might abandon the mission altogether.

Taking on a mission requires a willingness to face challenges head on. One cannot pursue a mission with a convenience mentality. These things require a firm commitment to completing the task without making any excuses. The apostle Paul instructed Timothy to preach the word and be always prepared, whether in season or out of season (2 Timothy 4:2). When Abimelech asked Isaac to leave Gerar, he was careful not to relocate permanently and instead settled in the valley (Genesis 26:16-17). The Lord had asked him to stay in Gerar, and he was careful not to let adversity lead him astray.

A seemingly simple mission will become more complex as the journey progresses. It is up to you to decide whether completing this mission is more important than your own convenience. Please keep in mind that it is always easier to find an excuse to abandon your mission than to find the motivation to persevere. According to George Washington Carver, “ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” As your mission progresses, resist the temptation of an alternative arrangement. There is no easier path to any worthwhile destination. Hard work is the only way to achieve good results.

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