Understanding God’s Pathway To Financial And Economic Dominion

The Bible says if you faithfully obey the Lord, He will set you high above all the nations of the earth (Deuteronomy 28:1). There is no way you would be set high above nations, without wielding some considerable financial and economic power. So, in some sense, financial and economic dominion is a guaranteed promise from God. It is an aspect of life you need to understand as someone that wants to function as the salt and light of your world. You’re destined to be a dominator, someone who asserts the will of God wherever you find yourself.

This isn’t limited by your location or circumstances; you can accumulate economic power. God is always willing to align righteous individuals with financial dominion. Your nationality or situation doesn’t define your economic destiny. Drawing inspiration from the Bible, we know the script: you’re meant to be a lender, not a beggar. The head, not the tail. Reflecting on Isaac’s story in Genesis 26, find your instructions and discipline in the Lord. Obedience and dependence on His guidance are the keys to dominating your world. This season, every season, commit to obeying God wholeheartedly.

In the realm of financial and economic matters, you’re not fated to be under. God’s promise is clear: you’re designed to dominate. However, you do well to remember that you need to be willing and obedient to eat the good of the land (Isaiah 1: 19). You will not grow financial and economic might if you are not willing to do so. The wrong mindset about wealth creation, productivity, and money is a major reason believers struggle financially. Seek your instructions and discipline from the Lord. Willingness, wholehearted obedience and reliance on His guidance will position you to dominate your world economically.

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