You Do Not Have A Money Problem

You do not have a money problem. You have an obedience problem. Your financial challenges may not be about money but about obedience. Perfect obedience brings blessings, as Deuteronomy 28:1–6 outlines. If you heed God’s commands, blessings overflow in every aspect of life. Your city and field, family, livestock, and daily activities all flourish. It’s a promise of abundance. Reflect on your obedience. Is it consistent or selective? The key isn’t more money; it’s unwavering obedience. Good success follows obedience, making it a channel for blessings. Realign your actions with divine commands, fostering a life where obedience paves the way for abundance in unexpected ways.

Consider the numerous testimonies of people who found massive success after following a “gut” feeling. We can do so much these days without having to pause and listen within. In our fast-paced world, the art of pausing to listen within frequently falls by the wayside, potentially leading us outside the circle of obedience. The story of Peter and his net-breaking catch in Luke 5:1-11 is deeply moving. At the Master’s command, Peter tried again after a night of toiling with empty nets. The nets were broken as a result of the massive catch.

Success, wealth, and fulfilment are not elusive dreams but guaranteed outcomes when we follow divine guidance. You do not have a money problem. You have an obedience problem. If you were in perfect obedience, you would not be in lack. According to Isaiah 1:19, you tend to prosper to the extent that you are willing to and obedient to. This is a call to self-reflect and consider how your current situation is a result of how well (or poorly) you have obeyed thus far. Your life, like Peter’s nets, can break through barriers when anchored in obedience.

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