My Wife Is An Idiot

No, she’s not. In moments of frustration, it’s easy to label others. “My Wife Is An Idiot” might cross your mind, but it’s a call to listen, not an indictment. Your father isn’t good-for-nothing and old-for-nothing, and Uncle Gbenga isn’t a fool at 40. The key is understanding, not immediate agreement. Take a moment to truly hear their perspective. You might still disagree with their expressions, but beneath the surface, you begin to grasp their motives. Listening doesn’t demand concurrence, but it might highlight places you agree with someone else. Before dismissing, lend an ear. When it comes to differing opinions, listening to understand helps us find common ground.

Calling someone unprintable names is counterproductive and against your values as a creative, business-minded Christian. As you watch your world, it is inevitable that you will encounter people who might, on the surface, annoy you. Before passing judgment, remember the wisdom of Matthew 5:22: “whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire.” Ecclesiastes 7:9 reinforces this, stating, “Anger resides in the bosom of fools.” Cease getting angry at your spouse, children, mentors, protege, coworkers, or anyone else you’re connected with. Reflect on whether you’re acting wisely or foolishly in your relationships.

Cease granting yourself permission to indulge in anger. Opt for listening over reacting, especially when emotions are high. Refrain from forming hasty opinions in moments of anger and frustration. Instead, actively choose to listen and understand. Patiently breakdown the words, actions, and motives of the other party. This depth of comprehension reveals areas of disagreement, enabling a more productive engagement. By choosing to understand, whether it’s your spouse, parents, siblings, mentors, or protege, you position yourself to be a positive influence. Embrace this role, becoming the salt and light of your home and community. Your impact stems from the choices you make in moments of conflict.

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