Everything Rises And Falls On Leadership

According to John Maxwell, a pastor and leadership expert, he says everything goes up or down based on leadership. Think of it like this: if the leader is good, everything else tends to be good, too. But if the leader is not so good, everything else might not be either. This is true for homes, churches, companies, and communities. It’s like the boss sets the tone for everyone else. So, if we want better communities or companies, we need good leaders. Bad leaders, on the other hand, can lead to problems and issues in our society.

Absolutely, every issue in the world right now can be linked back to leaders not doing their job well. Think about countries like Nigeria; people have been complaining about bad leaders for decades. Even when you see someone being mean online about the gospel, it’s often because a religious leader somewhere didn’t do their job right. The bad roads, the lack of electricity, the overall problems—these can all be put on the account of poor leadership. It’s not just to complain; it’s to show that we need better leaders. Maybe that someone is you stepping up to lead.

Embracing the wisdom of Proverbs 29:2 is pivotal for creative, business-minded Christians. This verse serves as a clarion call to take up the responsibility of watching over our world. The righteous, stepping into positions of authority, bring joy and prosperity. Conversely, when the wicked lead, a pall of mourning shrouds the people. As Christians, we’re not called to merely bemoan the state of leadership but to be the transformative force. To watch our world is to step into leadership roles with righteousness, fostering joy and well-being for those under our influence. The scriptural truth challenges us to be the leaders that evoke rejoicing.

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