On Balancing Mission-driven Enterprises With Making Money

If you consider yourself to be someone on a mission to make a positive difference in the world, you must be careful to keep your focus on growing your influence and increasing your impact on a continuous basis. If you do not do this consciously, you may soon confuse making money with an active mission. This is not a smear campaign against earning money. Life’s demands will force you to spend money, a lot of money. The bigger takeaway here is to always remember to evaluate yourself and your work in terms of your impact on your community and how much meaningful, measurable impact you have made.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the mission to provide accessible healthcare frequently collides with profit motives. Some corporations resort to drastic price increases for essential medications, prioritising financial gain over their mission to serve humanity. This unethical practice not only exploits vulnerable patients, but it also undermines the larger goal of healthcare access. The stark contrast between the noble mission of healing and the pursuit of exorbitant profits raises concerns about these pharmaceutical companies’ priorities. It serves as a modern cautionary tale, reminding us to scrutinise our endeavours and ensure that financial success does not jeopardise the core mission of making a positive difference.

On a personal level, many people work hard and focus on their mission from the start. Only to let pride and money compromise the mission’s integrity in the long run. Consider Uncle Judas, a dedicated community advocate committed to providing affordable housing. He began with limited resources and launched grassroots initiatives that gained local support. However, as his financial success grew, Uncle Judas shifted his focus to profitable property development, abandoning his original mission. Profiteering overshadowed the mission’s essence, contributing to the community’s displacement. Financial struggles can make it tough to keep a clear view of your mission, but never confuse making money with your spiritual mission.

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