Withholding The Truth Shipwrecks Relationships

From Romans 13:9-10, we can infer that if you truly love someone, you will build your relationship with them upon the truth. We often avoid telling people the truth because we don’t want to “hurt their feelings,” but this is wrong. When the truth finally comes out, they are hurt regardless, but they are hurt even more because you withheld the truth from them. Picture a ship navigating treacherous waters without accurate navigation. Similarly, avoiding truth in relationships is like sailing without a compass. You have to make a decision today that you will not be that brother, friend or colleague that withholds the truth.

Consider the following workplace scenario: a colleague’s consistent poor performance is met with our silence, a refusal to confront. When higher-ups demand action, which leads to dismissal, we are left wondering if honest feedback could have been kinder, providing an opportunity for improvement. Similarly, parents avoiding necessary truths for the sake of temporary comfort leaves their children ill-prepared for life’s harsh realities. And when the child faces the cold, harsh world out there, they won’t be able to cope. This might cause them to resent the parent that failed to raise them with truth.

Consider the significance of truth in a medical diagnosis. Consider a patient who is experiencing troubling symptoms. If the doctor waits too long to share an accurate diagnosis because he is afraid of the patient’s reaction, the condition may worsen. A compassionate doctor is the one who promptly reveals the truth, allowing the patient to seek appropriate treatment. Candour acts as a healing force in our interactions. It may sting at first, but the long-term benefits far outweigh any discomfort. Truth is more than just facts; it is a crucial element in the journey of life, promoting well-being and building longlasting relationships.

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