How To Find Meaning And Relevance In Your Life

Making your own money for the first time is an exciting experience. It is not uncommon for a young person to lose sleep because of the promise of a significant financial contribution or breakthrough in the morning. However, these feelings of excitement and boundless, momentary joy do not last. The initial thrill of starting a new job is quickly replaced by drudgery and boredom. You have to find a way to make your life and your work meaningful and relevant. The pathway to genuine happiness and fulfillment is when you find alignment with a purpose greater than yourself.

We do not feel fulfilled by the things we get. We can only get fulfillment from what we give. Giving is the cure for a lean soul, according to Proverbs 11:25. Never forget that you are an immaterial being at your core. Once you’ve met your basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter. You begin to sense the emptiness and poverty within your soul. Your goals and plans will only have meaning if they are aligned with something bigger than yourself. A parent, for example, is willing to go to any length to provide for their child.

It is for this reason that one must cultivate the habit of self-reflection. You want to think about your daily life and figure out how it relates to something of eternal value. You want your job to serve a greater purpose than just paying the bills. Consider the roles and responsibilities you’re handling at this time in your life. What draws you to those tasks? Why is it now? Then you must consider how you will give your all to your tasks on a daily basis. When we are aligned with the purpose of God, our roles, ambitions, and plans find their truest meaning.


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