Prayer, Purpose, and Progress

Every one of us must confront and make sense of this chaotic world. It would be hard to find a better way to find a rhythm in the face of life’s demands than to commit to a practice of prayer and meditation. As you lead every single day as a father or mother, business executive or civil servant, it is important to understand prayer and self-reflection as powerful tools that help you to maintain your sense of beauty and balance. If you will succeed in your endeavors, you must never trivialize and reduce prayer to a religious ritual without real world effect.

You must begin to understand prayer as a tool for navigating places you’ve been, where you are now, and where you want to go. A consistent prayer routine will provide you with divine guidance, illuminating the path and instilling purpose in every step. This practise is a doorway to clarity, allowing you to discern the specific responsibilities associated with each role God has assigned to you. Whether you’re a clever inventor, a revolutionary engineer, or a business magnate, prayer can help you save time by drawing on spiritual energy. If you take your life seriously, you will pray. If you take your work seriously, you will pray about it.

If you sincerely want to lead a life of purpose, and progress, you will do a lot of prayer and meditation. Meditation prompts the question: How can I be the best version of myself in every role or office I occupy? It becomes a call to balance selfish ambition with a commitment to serve others, rooted in humility. Life unfolds through various roles you are called to fill over time. You might start at the bottom of the ladder, but self-reflection will help you see the purpose of every season of life. Prayer helps you evolve into a genuine watchman ready to shine the light of heaven upon their community.

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