Developing Your Ideas Will Take A While

Do not be discouraged if your original ideas take a long time to come together. Developing original ideas is difficult, and it takes time for them to come together. You can receive a calling, an assignment, or an idea in a flash, but this flash usually starts you on the path to manifestation. There is a need for so many things to come together in alignment. You would need to grow and evolve into the person that can manifest that idea in your spirit. All of this takes time to do it well. You must commit to doing things well over doing it fast.

At age 12, Jesus was found in the temple, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions (Luke 2:46 ESV). And even though he demonstrated great understanding at an early age, he did not really start anything until nearly twenty years later. In 1666, Isaac Newton was struck with a flash of creative brilliance that would change the world forever. That insight; that inspired thought was how the concept of gravity was born. But it took him 20 years to develop the concept into an intellectually consistent form. He published his groundbreaking book, PhilosophiƦ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles Of Natural Philosophy) in 1687.

In the movies, people are able to quickly assimilate complex knowledge and develop expertise in time to build out their inventions before the movie runtime ends. We would do well to separate fiction from reality. You need to make peace with the idea that it might take you decades to learn, grow and work out the ideas in your spirit. Whether you’re building a nonprofit or a bank, a ministry or a new invention, these things take time to do them well. Authors carry book ideas in their spirit for many years before publishing it to acclaim. Give yourself the permission to take as much time as is required.

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