The Faith Of A Jericho Wall Destroyer

In your own journey, you might encounter walls that seem unscalable or seas that appear unpassable. It’s in these moments that you must tap into the divine partnership available to you. When you work hand in hand with God, your potential becomes limitless. Faith propels you to conquer the mountains before you and extinguish the fires in your path. However operating by faith requires patience, consistency and the willingness to be misunderstood by unspiritual critics. A person of faith will do things that do not make sense in the moment, but the wisdom and profit will become clear over time.

Assume you are the military commander of Jericho and have received information that your adversary, the Israelites, are marching around your city. You would be perplexed, confused, and unsure what the strategy was all about. The Israelite army saw themselves as obeying God, even if it made them appear foolish. The results after the seventh day were astounding. The walls of Jericho collapsed and Joshua achieved a stunning military victory by employing an unconventional strategy. Before you can begin to record the kinds of success your soul craves, you must be willing to do things that appear unreasonable for a long time.

So leave the realm of reason and enter the limitless realm of faith, where God’s extraordinary possibilities await you. According to Rev Olusola Areogun, the word of God is not meant to make sense; rather, it is meant to build faith. You’re more likely to miss your mark if you’re always looking for a move that will win everyone’s approval. The masses will not understand what you are spending so much time and effort on. But you’ll need a small circle of wise, godly people to help you confirm that you’re on the right track. Be patient, consistent, and willing to be misunderstood as you begin to move those mountains.

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