The Ultimate Test of Love

A profound measure of love is our willingness to slow down for others, to give up our personal ambitions for the sake of someone or something we care about. It’s a love expression that goes beyond words, because our actions speak louder than any declaration. It takes grace and humility to mature and understand that no individual is greater than the collective. You must be willing to take a hit, or loss for the people you care about. Jesus encapsulated this concept perfectly when He uttered the words: “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13 ESV).

Consider the world of sports, where teamwork is often a crucible for such love. In the 2010 FIFA World Cup, during a critical quarter-final match against Ghana, Uruguayan footballer Luis Suárez found himself in a situation that put this principle to the test. With just seconds remaining, Suárez deliberately used his hands to block a shot that would have surely resulted in a goal for Ghana. The consequence? A red card and ejection from the game, but it also meant a chance for his team to advance. Suárez had chosen to lay down his personal interests for the collective cause of his team.

This principle is applicable far beyond the football pitch. Soldiers on the battlefield exemplify this same spirit of sacrifice in the harshest of circumstances. They band together not for personal gain, but to protect one another and complete their mission as a unified force. Soldiers understand this concept better than anyone else: there is no personal victory without a collective victory. You can never truly win by yourself. It serves as a reminder that when we are willing to set aside our own ambitions for the greater good, we embody a love that truly knows no bounds. You must be willing to take a hit for your friends.

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