How Elisha Closed Shop To Follow Elijah

If you are constantly clueless and lack the perspective needed to figure out what needs to be done, it could be an indication that you have skipped the apprenticeship stage of life. It’s a common mistake to dive headfirst into our dreams without first acquiring the necessary skills to make them a reality. You may be expending all of your energy on making things happen, with little to show for it. This is due to the fact that you have never seen the inner workings of a visionary leader who achieves success through faith, love, and perseverance.

Consider the biblical story of Elisha, who willingly closed his business to follow the prophet Elijah. Elijah did not force Elisha to follow him; Elisha chose to do so. He thus embarked on a transformative journey. Elisha the farmer was transformed into Elisha the apprentice prophet, learning critical lessons along the way. Many of us want to follow our dreams but lack the necessary skills and experience to do so. These abilities are best developed through an arrangement in which you work wholeheartedly for another person. You must observe how a superior mind navigates the storms of life.

Like Elisha, consider whether taking a step back to learn and serve under a mentor might be the key. It makes sense to postpone starting your own business for three years while you work one-on-one with someone else. Three years of service to gain the wisdom needed to keep your company running for the next thirty years. It may imply closing your business, ministry, or nonprofit in order to gain firsthand experience from someone who has mastered the art of making dreams come true. This is a unique opportunity to witness a visionary leader in action and absorb their competence.

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