Serving God’s Will Without Starting A New Organization

You can do your best work that glorifies God without starting your own company or organization. Working for someone else is not a sign of mediocrity, underachievement, or denigration. Oluwatosin, a driven young professional, felt a deep calling to make a difference in the world. She dreamt of leading a mission-driven organization that would address pressing social issues. Oluwatosin’s journey began not in founding her own nonprofit, but by joining a well-established humanitarian agency known for its commitment to positive change. Through hard work, dedication, and unwavering passion, she climbed the ranks, ultimately becoming a key decision-maker within the organization.

Similarly, the Bible offers a timeless tale of Joseph, a man who, though initially a foreigner in Egypt, became a pivotal figure in the country’s leadership. Joseph’s journey didn’t involve establishing a new organization but rather utilizing his God-given gifts and interpreting dreams to serve Egypt during a time of crisis. His story underscores the principle that impactful missions can be fulfilled from within existing systems. These narratives teach us that sometimes our mission starts by serving another’s vision. By doing so, we gain valuable experience, hone our leadership skills, and establish credibility within the organization.

As you watch your world, remember that you don’t always need to start from scratch. Seek out opportunities where your values align, invest your talents, and, over time, your influence will grow. Whether in the corporate world or the nonprofit sector, you can make a lasting impact without necessarily founding a new organization. Joseph, David, Daniel all served the purpose of God in their generation, and they did not start any new organization. The key is to stay faithful to your mission, lead with integrity, and embrace the path that allows you to effect positive change, even from within the existing structures of the world.

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