Writing A Mission Statement That Resonates With Heart And Minds

Your mission is your compass and a guiding light, you are lost without it. It provides direction and purpose to your steps. But here’s the challenge: your mission statement should resonate with diverse audiences. It should be clear not just to the spiritually attuned but also to those who approach life from an intellectual and practical angle. In essence, your mission must bridge the eternal and the temporal. This is important because doing the Father’s will on earth as it is in heaven requires understanding of how things work on earth. Similarly, having a spiritual understanding of what you do gives you the ability to do more.

Consider the case of an extraordinary visionary, Mahatma Gandhi. His mission was simple yet profound: to free India from British colonial rule. This mission resonated with people on spiritual, intellectual, and practical levels. Spiritually, it was a call for justice and freedom. Intellectually, it was a strategy that combined civil disobedience and non-violence. Practically, it was about mobilizing millions for a common cause. Gandhi’s ability to communicate his mission effectively to various audiences ignited a movement that changed the course of history. If your mission only makes sense “spiritually”, you will struggle with execution.

Now, let us apply this wisdom to our own lives. Whether it’s a personal mission or a collective one, clarity in your mission statement is the key. Jesus debated with the pharisees and sadducees in the temples by invoking the scriptures. However, we observe that when relating with the “unlearned”, he spoke to them in a way they could understand. He used the metaphor of water and well to preach to the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4). So, write your mission statement with intention, ensuring it speaks not only to the spirit but also to the minds of people. This will make execution faster.

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