The Clarity To Inspire And Transform Your World

In the realm of divine mandates, clarity is paramount. A vision from above, however profound, must be diligently contemplated and translated into terms comprehensible to earth’s inhabitants. A divine directive that is not clear to us on earth cannot be carried out. The vision must be made plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. We find this wisdom in Matthew 28:18-20, where our Lord Jesus delivers an unequivocal directive to His followers. The message is crystal clear: “Go into the world and make disciples of every nation!” There’s no room for misunderstanding; the mission is apparent.

Take heed that the mission you embrace is lucid and actionable. Without such clarity, it is hard to make any meaningful headway. Consider Meta, the company behind Facebook, with its unmistakable mission to build platforms that make the world more open and connected. The team, investors and employees understand that they need to keep building and scaling up platforms. Fostering global connectivity in the process. Likewise, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) holds a transparent mission: planting churches within ten minutes of each other. Such clarity paves the path for unwavering commitment and purposeful execution.

Now, let’s reflect on the clarity of your own mission. Is it as lucid as the ones we’ve examined? Does it transcend the divine realm and resonate with humanity’s understanding? As we watch the world, let us ensure that our missions are unambiguous, for therein lies the power. You must be crystal clear about how you want the world to change. Then you decide which platforms, products, or services will best advance the mission. Our Lord Jesus determined that “discipleship services” were the key in his own case. Let clarity be our guiding star as we embark on journeys of purpose, shaping a world that aligns with our missions.

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