Balancing Spiritual Experiences With Mentorship And Accountability

Here is a recipe for disaster: allow everyone to do whatever “God” has asked them to do, with no recourse or need to rationalize or justify intended action. If your only reason for doing something is because “God spoke to me,” “I had a dream,” or “I had this spiritual experience,” you’ll quickly get into trouble. A study of the Book of Judges teaches us that in the absence of leadership and authorities, chaos reigns (Judges 21:25). The end result of a world in which everyone does whatever they want, whatever they claim is laid in their spirits, without any form of accountability is chaos and confusion.

A truly wise and spiritual person recognises the importance of mentoring and fellowship with others. They understand that nothing gets done unless there is discipline, accountability, and a strong work ethic. And they understand that one usually needs an external force to help one cultivate the required discipline and work ethic. They understand that if they do not maintain integrity in all aspects of their lives, they will soon find themselves unworthy of proclaiming the Lord’s name. On the other hand, someone who claims to be full of the spirit but never submits to or cooperates with constituted authorities quickly becomes a law unto themselves. It never ends well.

When we are held accountable and must justify every action, we tend to be more honest. Even if you claim to hear God’s voice directly, you still need to be mentored in order to do your best work that glorifies God. Moses was a man of God unlike any other, but he also accepted godly advice from his human father-in-law. If you have not been led and trained in the path of righteousness by human beings, the voice in your head may not be the voice of truth, righteousness, mercy, and justice. It might just be your own ego leading you unto destruction.

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