You Must Balance Your Mission-sense With Business-sense

Consider a socioeconomic landscape fueled by purpose and love. It would be such an exquisite panorama in which money is secondary because each individual works in harmony for the betterment of their neighbours. You would not need money to live your best life if you lived in a world driven by purpose and God’s kind of love. Acts 4:32-35 echoes this beautiful vision, providing a glimpse of its potential. Unfortunately, our reality is not a utopian canvas; it is tainted by greed, desire, and a plethora of corrupt deeds. As a result, we must build a strong economic presence that can withstand the challenges of our imperfect world.

You would not need money to get things done if everyone was consumed by a zeal for meaningful work and outdoing each other with acts of love. You would only have to concentrate on your core mission, with no need to commercialize it. However, in this world, you must become proficient in both your mission and the business and economic machinery. This is what will ensure the sustainability, and longevity of your mission. The world around us is dominated by ideas and missions that have figured out their business equation.

Football, music, and reality television shows are only popular because some people have figured out how to build a consistent business around them. As a watchman tasked with guiding your world towards a brighter future, you must devise a strategy for building a consistent business around your mission. You should not think that you will always find “free money” to do the things you want to do. A mindset like this will not allow you to do your best work. You will be enslaved by those with economic power. As long as you are in this world, you have to build a self-sustaining enterprise around your ideas.

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