Do You Work In A Place That Has Got A Soul?

“Money can buy a house, but it cannot buy a home.” Likewise, “money can buy a bed, but it cannot buy sleep.” Now, Roberto De Zerbi, Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club’s manager, underscores that “money can buy you players, but it cannot buy you a team.” Amidst the buzz of departures and record transfers in the football realm, Roberto De Zerbi’s resounding message echoes a profound truth: “The big clubs can buy the players but they can’t buy our soul and our spirit. That’s not on the market.” This message is relevant not only in sports, but also in Christian faith and organizational values.

The transfer market in football can shuffle players like cards in a deck. However, Brighton’s coach emphasizes an important principle that transcends the field: a team’s soul is priceless. You cannot slap a fee on that. Money can buy players, but it cannot buy the intangible essence that brings a team together and fuels its success. Consider the early Christian church described in Acts 2:42-47, in which believers shared everything and had one heart and soul. This unity, fueled by a common goal, strengthened their mission. When values and vision are upheld, organizations thrive.

It is time to start thinking about how you can incorporate soul and spirit into your work. You must understand this concept as a leader, as a watchman tasked with steering your world towards a better future. We must strive to create an environment based on unity, integrity, and a common goal. Just as the soul of a football team influences its performance, the soul of an organization shapes its impact. Your star team members and employees will leave, but you can build resilience with some strategic thinking. We must value and foster what truly matters in our organizations, as Brighton’s manager reminds us all.

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