The Power Of Asking The Right Questions

It may appear that asking whether the cup is half empty or half full is a simple question, but it is a bit of a trick question. So, the answer is really dependent on how you look at it. It all comes down to perspective. What’s more, this concept applies to more than just cups of liquid. The questions we ask and, more importantly, the questions we choose to ignore shape our perspectives on life. These questions shape how we perceive the world around us. “What do you see?” God inquired of several prophets.

Your spiritual and creative abilities come from an infinite source. However, your ability to succeed is determined by your perspective. As well as the types of questions you can entertain. Peter needed to expand his perspective, and understand the time had come for Gentiles to be saved through Jesus Christ (Acts 10:9-16). Ezekiel pondered on the possibility of very dry bones to live again. Modern science began the day Isaac Newton asked,”What made that apple fall? And why does it always fall perpendicular to the ground?” God is all powerful, and anything is possible, but you have to ask the right questions.

The greatest shifts in society, innovations, and technologies always begin with asking the right questions. It is a helpful practice to think and meditate on specific issues. It is far more important to find out, and ask the right questions than to know the answers. No matter how wise you are, if you are asked the wrong question, your wisdom is meaningless. That is why it is good to spend more time searching for the right questions and questioning your questions until you find the right one. Finding the right questions leads to breakthrough ideas. It will improve your perspective.

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