You Cannot Lose Your Creativity And Spiritual Gifts

Creativity and spiritual gifts do not die or go out of fashion. We know this because God’s gifts are irrevocable; they can never be taken back once they are given (Romans 11:29). In a practical sense, spiritual gifts will always be relevant. These gifts can have a socioeconomic impact on the affairs of our world. It is not for aimless showboating, but spiritual gifts, including creativity, can be used to manifest God’s power in the physical realm with some discipline, training, and focus. You have not lost your creativity and spiritual gifts, you just need to pay more attention.

The manifestation of God’s spirit through feeble and frail human beings is truly a sight to behold. This manifestation, however, is not automatic. In some ways, we can think of this as a communion between God’s spirit and a human. Nothing happens unless a human is willing to yield and keep an open mind, allowing the spirit to move wherever he wants. God’s spirit will not always contend with humans (Genesis 6:3). If you do not yield to the giver of the gift, your creativity and spiritual gifts may not reach their full potential.

So let us submit ourselves to God’s perfect will. And keep in mind to kindle the divine gift that is already present within us (2 Timothy 1:6). It is up to you to focus on the gift that God has given you, to learn more about it, and to put it into practice. You never lose your giftings as you get older. No amount of hunger, famine or financial hardship will cause you to lose your gift. Your creativity and spiritual gifts will make room for you and bring you before the great (Proverbs 18:16). You just need to embrace the required discipline and training.

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